There are many versions of the sun salutation, but this is considered the classical form. Do a few rounds before your yoga practice to get your heart pumping and body warm.

In this video, I go through 3 rounds of the sun salutation– one round means both the right and left sides.

The sun salutation– called surya namaskar in Sanskrit– is a series of 12 gentle movements aligned with the breath. Sun salutations raise the energy of the body, warm up the spine, and loosen, stretch and tone all of the joints, muscles, and internal organs.

Sun salutations stimulate the metabolism and the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and reproductive body systems. Pairing each movement with the breath encourages deep and rhythmic breathing, increasing blood to the brain and bringing mental clarity.

The best time to practice sun salutations is at sunrise or sunset, facing the sun. In Vedic times, the sun was revered as a symbol of spiritual consciousness; hence the name sun-salutation.

Rest in savasana (corpse pose) for several minutes after practicing to allow your breath and heart rate to return to normal. Always practice on an empty stomach. Seek out the advice of a yoga teacher for modifications if you have specific health concerns.

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