Looking for some calming background music for your yoga practice?

I usually practice yoga in silence to give my mind a break from sensory overload, but a little music seems to bring my yoga rhythm to life on sluggish, lazy days. I still choose wisely, always looking for something soothing, calming, and exotic-sounding so that the music doesn’t make me feel anxious or edgy.

Here my top picks for yoga music, filled with the calming sounds of the sitar and veena:

Classical Indian Music for Healing and Relaxation – The Ancient Beauty of the Veena

Sitar for Yoga by Allen de Somer

Unfortgettable Sufis by Shujaat Khan

The Majesty of the Veena – Classical Indian Music for Sleep and Meditation

Call of the Mystic by Karunesh

Illuminations by Kartik Seshadri

What’s your favorite music for yoga? I’d love to hear!

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