Spring is a time of change. We can see it in nature as new growth and flowers emerge, the landscape greens, and birds seem energized with new life. Our bodies are meant to harmonize with the rhythms of nature, meaning that we too should embrace change this season.

For many people, change is a scary notion. Change brings uncertainty and unpredictability. Change threatens our sense of security, and that’s perceived as something negative. Change is unnerving when we are attached to the known– attached to what we perceive as safe.

I invite you to look at change this spring as an opportunity of infinite possibilities. When you give up your attachment to the known– your attachment to a sense of security– you open yourself to the creation of something new, a fertile land of creativity and opportunity, a whole range of possibilities and infinite choices where you will perhaps find something even more exciting, fulfilling and magical than what you’ve come to accept in your present comfort zone.

Embracing change is the key to personal growth. The ability to evolve is a truly a gift, and also our duty in this life. We are each blessed with the opportunity to grow. When we embrace change as a means to that growth and relinquish our attachment to what we feel is safe, we open ourselves to the chance to truly flourish.

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